Party Ready Facial Kit for Instant FX. Aromatherapy oils

Party Ready Facial Kit
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When you have Healthy, nourished skin which is naturally beautiful-  the use of Makeup, even at a minimal level,  enhances Face features to create spectacular effects.

On the con side, makeup cannot disguise an ill-nourished face- in fact, if not expertly applied shows skin as even more unhealthy.

TO avail the best benefits of Makeup, Skin should be healthy and nourished, smooth and wrinkle free so that effects are not patchy.
Plus, a blemishless skin reduces time spent on concealing, and the number of colors needed.

Party Ready Facial Kit is a 4-part Kit which covers the complete needs for a glamorous look – nourishing, smoothing, giving an even tone over which Makeup can give special effects..

The Kit contains products for daily use, once-a-week use and combination for event use.
Unlike Facial Kits in the market, which require a lot of product to be used, these products made with natural butters and oils are for use in teeny tiny amounts.
10-15+ uses of each product, giving 60+ uses of all products.

Great value for money, and make the Face look Special when used.

20150907_165234Party Ready Facial Kit Consists of

  1. Skin 2 Love Cream, night renewal cream with Orchid Ext 5g
  2. Blueberry Butter & Apple Pectin Face Polish 5g
  3. Essential Clay Mask 5g
  4. Facial Treat Beauty Soap (Indian BestSeller) 9g

See India Pricelist & on US Website

Skin 2 Love Cream. Kit size & Single size.

Skin 2 Love Cream is named for Aphrodite, Goddess of Love. Myrtle was her favorite herb, and she is picturized often with wreath of fragrant Green Myrtle.

Goddess of Love, Aphrodite
Goddess of Love, Aphrodite

Green Myrtle Essential Oil, was very popular a few hundred years ago, used to make ‘Angel Water’ or, l’eau d’Ange, said to make skin ‘angelic’ . I’m guessing that it would be smooth, soft and a thing of love.

Skin 2 Love Cream is made with this ‘angelic’ essential oil. An overnight Renewal Cream containing Myrtle Essential Oil from Morocco and for good measure, a tad of best-selling Orchid Extract. You will find it quite unlike any other to give you lovely Skin at short notice. Blemish softening and giving brightness to skin.

95% Natural ingredients. Contains French Lavender (High altitude), Orchid Extract, Myrtle essential Oil. Preservative natural Silver Complex.

Facial Treat Soap
Facial Treat Soap
  1. Facial Treat Beauty Soap (Indian BestSeller) 9g

Containing Naturally skin brightening and lightening ingredients, like Licorice Extract, Lemon Peel , this Soap makes skin smooth and beautiful. Use daily before going out. Apply on Skin, wash after 5 minutes. Indian BestSeller. 11-12g Soap gives about 25 uses. Do not leave this soft, moisturising soap in water. Natural ingredients give a gentle scrubbing action. May be used daily. Contains no bleach. Contains Shea Butter and Fragrance. Color may vary.
Soap Picture will be updated. Picture is of 12g Soap.

Essential Clay with French Green Clay, Frankincense

Essential Clay

Is a combination of various Clays and Essential Oils that leaves Skin glowing and with a firm, smooth texture.
Take 2 pinches of this dry clay mix, mix with rose water, water to make a thin, gritty paste. Apply as a watery paste. The essential oils give the clay its properties and it is not necessary to make it thick. If skin is very dry, add a couple drops of any good carrier oil like Sesame, Jojoba, etc. 100% natural ingredients.

Face Polish with Blueberry Butter & Apple Pectin Enzyme
Made to work similar to Salon Skin Polish by smoothing intensely the top layers of skin, reducing blemishes and giving an even tone. Take a dab of face Polish, apply few drops of water, gently rub all over face and wash off in 2-3 minutes.
Use once a week.  Water-free product. 90% natural ingredients. Contains a natural Silver complex preservative.

See India Pricelist & available on US Website

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