How-to Have Good Hair Day, Everyday. Top Signs of Healthy Hair. Natural Oils for a Healthy Look

There are Dozens of Hair products to choose from for Styling, Hair fixes, and a specific, glam look.
But for Everyday  to be a ‘Good Hair Day’,  the essential factor is to Nourish Hair & Scalp.
Holistic Serums Hair Products do just that and can Keep Hair Healthy Everyday.  M
ade with Only Healthy Oils/ Buttersbraid

Top Signs of Healthy Hair: 

Nourished, Healthy Hair looks Soft, Smooth, Full, Shiny, Bouncy
healthy enough to handle stresses of Color, Styling,

Healthy Hair produces optimum Sebum or Scalp oil.
Many factors mess up Sebum production- causing unhealhty, ill-nourished hair.
Weather, Aging, strong treatments, Color, abusive hair products- like some Anti-frizz products (cones)
See an old post warning against Anti-frizz serums

To evaluate healthy hair, see these helpful links

5-steps to evaluate Hair Health from (very interesting) &

6 Signs of Healthy Hair (explaining Elasticity, Strength, Softness, Moisture-retention, Breakage, Shininess)-


To make it all better, see our Hair Kit.

Ill-Nourished Hair becomes Dry, Frizzy, Limp, Lifeless. Later, hair replacement is lesser, becoming slow-growing hair, losing volume.

Hair Changes All the Time.
Many factors Like the Weather, New Products, heredity, etc. makes Hair to change.
Keeping Hair healthy needs consistent maintenance, healthy Diet, Protecting Hair from very damaging treatments, Protection from the Sun PLUS using Nourishing Oils for the Scalp & Hair.

Regular Nourishment may mean changing treatments as Hair changes.

Strength & Beauty Hair Kit Contains natural treatments to optimize your Hair Health.
Treatments to intensely nourish and meet the need of Hair to look Healthy quickly and gently nourish over time.
That is to say, products to Make it and to Fake it.:)

‘ Strength & Beauty’ The Hair Kit
contains 3 products to address the Top 3 Hair concerns Volume & Bounce, Dry Scalp & Hair, Styling.

  1. Natural Hair & Scalp Serum, 12-Oil Best-selling Synergy, for enhancing volume, fullness, helping to cover patchiness, a Scalp application. A spectacular oil, containing a specific phenotype of Camellia oil, used by the Geisha for luxurious hair since ancient times. Instead of spending several hundreds and scheduled treatments in hair clinics, this is an easy non-fuss product for hair to appear fuller and covering patchiness, both temporarily and long-term. The only Serious Haircare product for your needs
    Provides grey hair coverage for distinguished grey appearance temporarily when used on hair surface. Non-dye grey hair darkening oil, can be used for Blond, Brunette, Redheads (yellow in color).
  2. Avocado & Sage Detangler for application to Scalp as dryness treatment, and to Hair as anti-frizz care. Hair is silky and soft in few uses. Anti-Frizz + Dry itchy Scalp treatment oils
  3. A lightweight Styling Creme for fullness, curl definition, natural hold upto 3 days, remoldable. Moroccan Argan & Ylang Ylang essential oils for a luxurious scent.

 Buy The Hair Kit Here 

Separate products also available

For Hair that will be treasured.

In India? see left bar.


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Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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