Men’s Deluxe Gift Set: non-fussy, multi-functional Skin & Hair products. Natural

Deluxe Mens Kit
Deluxe Mens Kit
The Deluxe Men’s Kit.
containts 5 nourishing products, beautifully packaged in elegant Acrylic Square & Round Pots. The Packaging is as upscale as the nourishment they contain inside.
1. Moroccan Argan Hair Styling Cream. Silicone Free. Easy Wash.
The Center of the Luxe Men’s Kit, and will be an instant hit.
It leaves Hair, smoother, more manageable and voluminous!
Even wind-swept hair of the people who came to the fairs, emerged out beautiful.

Non-sticky, it became an instant hit with Men, whose shorter hairstyles got more Lift, especially Fine, Soft Hair and Curl definition and manageability for thicker, unruly hair.

Made with 80% natural butters and oils, beautifully scented with Ylang Ylang.
Women like this also!
For Longer hair, with more weight, it provides a different look.
Volumizes at the roots, not as much as short hair, but enough so that ‘flattened’ look on scalp is balanced out, enhanced fullness. + makes hair ends fuller and voluminous, losing the mousy, scrunched up look, which happens after a while.
And of course, Silicone Free.
Read about how Silicones, anti-frizz serums hurt hair
Looking for more Hair products? Scalp Nourishing, Cone-free Anti-frizz, Dry Hair treaments with Strength & Beauty Hair Kit 
2.Orchid Facial Serum . Our Bestseller Face Serum.
Instant Radiance, Glow, and a very very special look. If not the holidays, then when will you look your best?
Read Orchid Serum Testimonials
3. Skin 2 Love Cream.
Named for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, using Myrtle essential Oil, her favorite herb, used to make ‘Angel Water’.
A night renewing cream.

Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Favorite Herb: Myrtle
Goddess of Love, Aphrodite
4. Essential Clay
A weekly Mask, a healthy skin ritual. With Rare Clays and essential Oils, to draw out impurities, making skin soft, smooth and bright.
5. Blueberry Face Polish
Weekly use for cleansing and softening impurities on skin.
An intense scrub. Good Benefits to thicker men’s skin. Leaves skin, radiant and cleansed and ready to go.

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Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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