Paris. Going deeper and learning something

The recent attacks on Paris were heartbreaking. The helplessness, the discouragement,
Like a storm, raising up what was hidden underwater, a whole gamut of emotions that were hidden were raised up..

Something deep inside was touched.
Unrest. Turmoil. A Sea boiling inside.

What Do you do when Things are out of your control?
What do you do when you are so far away that you cannot do any good, any repair, any healing?

Bear the Pain.
Bear the Discouragement.
Bear the helplessness.
And get up again.
Speak words of healing
to yourself, to those who hear you

If you don’t bear pain willingly, you wont have the strength to awaken yourself.
Pain has to be borne.
When you put a Cling wrap over your wounds, not letting it be touched, you cannot get strength from your experience.
It will stay as a bad memory, a torment, an untouchable thing.

So bear it- learn to let your heart bleed,
sob willingly for the people who died in the attack-
and more than that,
for the fools who have such a bad life here, they prefer death and the chance of a better future after death.
I know they were the attackers, but they are also victims.
And they have no helper.
Their god is no good while they live and train to die.
So deep- can you see the abyss?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité  – what the French Flag stands for.

Appreciate the liberty we have, to do anything, say anything, without harming anyone.
Cherish the mind that is strong enough to resist brainwashing.

Treasure the time you have, to make and maintain real friends.

Treat everyone as equals.
Instead of looking down, patronizing, hasty to say something.
People have equal right to humanity, to live as happily as they can.
If its not the same things that make you happy, learn to tolerate.

Learn something.
Such a horrible thing has happened. Learn to open your mind, your heart.
Make a difference to yourself.


Published by

Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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