Opening Up: The Secret of Our Successful Products.

Holistic Serums are wonderfully made, and the effects they show create a sense of Wonder.

It is difficult to believe that Nature has the potential to do so much good.
But the Proof is the way someone using our products Looks. And Feels.

They Look Tremendously more beautiful than the week before, and Feel the Wonder from the inside.

This is The Pudding.
You have to Eat it.

So Why are we better than any product on the Face of the Earth?

  • Secret Ingredients from a Large selection.

We carry a huge inventory of 250+ Natural ingredients.
Each Product/ Beauty Oil is made with many natural ingredients- some are processed together for weeks, many are researched for years, and some are still being tweaked about the best way to use them.

While the average product is made with approximately 20+ ingredients, not all are listed for several reasons.

  1. There would be no place on the label.
  2. Secrets should remain secret. We have spent blood and sweat on them, whole decades have gone for some.
  3. We DO follow US Label regulations. Ingredients above 1% of total volume are listed.
  • Slow Processing and Handmade Expertise

We have been offering Products as off-the-shelf, but this is not possible currently.

We do not outsource order fulfillment, preferring the value of personally making them, and are content to stay small and secret, catering only to the discerning few, the Connoisseurs.
Some products are made after order only, because the nature of ingredients dictates this. Then they are checked for the values they bring.

Once in a while an ingredient does not bring value as it should, and it is compensated for. This makes the whole process much slower than other products from other companies.

The reality is that only Fresh, Custom, Handmade product will give its Superior Value to Your Skin & Hair.

We have really tried hard to create products in faster methods, but when value suffers, we cannot, in good faith, sell it, when we can make a better product.

They are now Freshly Made for Highest Value after purchase. We will soon have this info on the website, as part of Upcoming Transparency in Design.

So there you go- Secret Ingredients & Slow Processing by Hand, makes Holistic Serums Wholesome and High Value.

Creating a Sense of Wonder for You, the Client, and to those who Look at You.

Be Blessed by the Sight of your Eyes.

-Esther Jo, Co-Maker, Holistic Serums.



Published by

Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies of active naturals from the Orient & the Occident. Unique Skin & Hair Serums made with natural ingredients from Ayurved, TCM, Aromatherapy, Herbals,

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