Why Should You Use Holistic Serums & How they are Priced.

Why Use Holistic Serums?
For Skin-deep Benefits, Enhanced Confidence,
and for the busy Woman or Man- Stress-free, at-home Convenience..
 as easy Nourishing Maintenance.  

To look cared for, on the outside, raises self-esteem in social interactions. But to do so, is not easy.

With the demands of Time,
even if Hair & Skin are not as nourished as they should be,
to set aside time for Specialized Salon/ clinical treatments is inconvenient. This is where Holistic Serums can come in and nourish.

  1. Benefits at a Skin-Deep Level
    Skin is better nourished, radiant. Hair is bouncy, healthy, stress-free and being cared for.
  2. Many Treatments-in-One
    Holistic Serums provide not 1 or 2 isolated benefits, but holistically nourish. For example, Orchid Serum to make skin Radiant, Taut, Smooth, light-reflective.
    Natural Hair & Scalp Serum for hair that is voluminous, healthy, manageable, Scalp nourishing, not with application to hair which gives temporary benefits.
  3. Value for Price
    HolisticSerums & Elixirs are Top-Level Skincare. Their price reflect the genuine ingredients, and the Value (Nourishment) they provide reflects authenticity of ancient beauty research.
  4. Compare with Brand Names
    More Radiant skin than with l’Occitane’s Divine, More youthful than Givenchy’s Le Soin Noir Combo, Vichy’s Serums.
    The caveat is that, being made of natural oils & butters (only!), they do not provide moisturizing as a benefit, which brand name serums do, but provide Suppleness to skin, and Purity.
    With an added moisturizer, you can get equal and better benefits at a 10th of the price.
    Try the Daydream Collection – A combination of Orchid Day Serum & Rosy Cheeks cream for 4 weeks for skin so fine you wouldn’t dream about it. Guerlain uses Orchid in their Serum too: Read about Serums vs Treatment Lotions
  5. For those who Excel
    When you aspire for excellence in Duty, we give you excellence in Beauty.
  6. Limited
    Hand-Made in Limited batches, because of the Rare, exotic ingredients. Each batch varies from another, our Standard being excellent nourishment, not Color or Scent- which is also good, but not at the expense of the other.

who will benefit most from Holistic Serums?
People with little time to focus on the Desired level of Beauty.

How we Price

We are a small business, with exclusive, hand-crafted Serums.
Our ingredients are a never-before heard fusion from Ayurveda, Aromatherapy, Unani, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Herbs…

Our prices are a reflection of

  1. the cost of ingredients,
  2. the cost of procuring,
  3. the cost of researching
  4. the cost of the hundreds of ingredients thrown away, literally.
  5. Time taken for all the costs above.
    Our ingredients are fabulous, with just a touch of secret natural ancient ingredients,  so tiny you won’t miss them.

Adding Occidental Disclosure to the Oriental Secrecy.
Ancient Beauty Secrets.. to relive Magic..

Holistic Serums are for the Dreamers, to translate Fantasy into Reality
the search for light, for truth, for beauty.


We may have researched years & months & weeks,
on 1000s of ingredients, to find fine ingredients, and then some, to find the Finest..

we didn’t keep Time in mind, or Budget.. they would not be motivation..
We took Joy in Making Beauty through our hands- in seeing people bloom into their Natural Beauty.

We may make Holistic Serums as products, but we Make Beauty, Contentment and Joy.
To the person who needs it, they bring Hope- of a new lifestyle to aspire to, or a new life..
The Priceless things. Which is a Privilege to offer.
for the Privilege of experience.

Find them here:  US webstore and select products in India

If you have queries, drop us a line 

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