How are Holistic Serums Better for Your Skin & Hair than other Serums & Clinical Treatments : The Inside Story

100% Natural ingredients in the form of extracts and oils go into Holistic Serums

PART 1 : Better than the Best Serums on the market.

  1. Handmade Holistic Serums have the simplest, most wonderful advantage over Serums On the market : They are Better Inside.
  2. How? They are made entirely (100%) with natural ingredients , flower extracts, essential oils, gum extracts, leaf, root and almost completely plant based.
  3. No ingredients to possibly irritate Sensitive Skin like mineral  oil, color, fragrance.
  4. not petroleum based, no alcohol, etc.

The disadvantages of Serums are explained below.

Serum composition : A derivative of petroleum  (mineral oil, etc) gives the ‘creamy’ texture and some other chemicals give the smooth flow, color, fragrance to Serums On the market.

1. The  main concern with petroleum derivatives is that Petroleum base has a barrier like property  and are not absorbed by top layers of skin (or scalp ) but sit on top, like a coat of Makeup, hiding away and filling blemishes on Skin  instantly

2.Effects wiped off after stopping use: Just as Makeup can be wiped off: when you stop using Serums, the effects completely disappear in a few days or weeks. When serum does not provide any nourishment, most times, you may notice skin and hair is worse off than when you start.

Holistic Serums consist of natural oils which have a good chance to be absorbed in skin, (depending again on skin purity), and nourish skin to become healthy, pure and naturally youthful.  When used for a few weeks, per instructions, Stopping product usage does not deteriorate the quality of skin till several weeks and months ; even with 2-3 cycles of cell turnover, it does not revert to pre-treatment stage because your own skin and hair have been nourished to heal itself and respond better to other products, salon treatments, etc.

PART 2 : How they are Better for you than Clinical Treatments.

It is general awareness that Clinical Treatments for best results need to be

  1. repeated several times
  2. are mainly invasive in  nature
  3. specific Time must be allotted and
  4. come with higher costs,
  5. require follow up medication and
  6. a large amount of care to not aggravate the treatment.

Compared to Clinical Treatments, Holistic Serums have

  1. comparable and better benefits to Skin & Hair when used over time and with awareness of changing environment, skin and in the right frequency.
  2. are Economical
  3. non- invasive,
  4. Naturally nourishing
  5. Convenient to be used at Home.

Holistic Serums are best suited for those who have already undergone Clinical treatments or those aware of the repetitive decaying nature of skin and hair which requires maintenance as they  go through changes.

Holistic Serums are for those who feel stressed about the condition of their Skin & Hair and desire to improve it.

Holistic Serums are made to help you Look Better, Feel Better & Live Better.

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Opening Up: The Secret of Our Successful Products.

Holistic Serums are wonderfully made, and the effects they show create a sense of Wonder.

It is difficult to believe that Nature has the potential to do so much good.
But the Proof is the way someone using our products Looks. And Feels.

They Look Tremendously more beautiful than the week before, and Feel the Wonder from the inside.

This is The Pudding.
You have to Eat it.

So Why are we better than any product on the Face of the Earth?

  • Secret Ingredients from a Large selection.

We carry a huge inventory of 250+ Natural ingredients.
Each Product/ Beauty Oil is made with many natural ingredients- some are processed together for weeks, many are researched for years, and some are still being tweaked about the best way to use them.

While the average product is made with approximately 20+ ingredients, not all are listed for several reasons.

  1. There would be no place on the label.
  2. Secrets should remain secret. We have spent blood and sweat on them, whole decades have gone for some.
  3. We DO follow US Label regulations. Ingredients above 1% of total volume are listed.
  • Slow Processing and Handmade Expertise

We have been offering Products as off-the-shelf, but this is not possible currently.

We do not outsource order fulfillment, preferring the value of personally making them, and are content to stay small and secret, catering only to the discerning few, the Connoisseurs.
Some products are made after order only, because the nature of ingredients dictates this. Then they are checked for the values they bring.

Once in a while an ingredient does not bring value as it should, and it is compensated for. This makes the whole process much slower than other products from other companies.

The reality is that only Fresh, Custom, Handmade product will give its Superior Value to Your Skin & Hair.

We have really tried hard to create products in faster methods, but when value suffers, we cannot, in good faith, sell it, when we can make a better product.

They are now Freshly Made for Highest Value after purchase. We will soon have this info on the website, as part of Upcoming Transparency in Design.

So there you go- Secret Ingredients & Slow Processing by Hand, makes Holistic Serums Wholesome and High Value.

Creating a Sense of Wonder for You, the Client, and to those who Look at You.

Be Blessed by the Sight of your Eyes.

-Esther Jo, Co-Maker, Holistic Serums.


How we Make Holistic Serums

I make Holistic Serums, with Ruth in Texas,
where we worked together, cooked together, loving the naturally good life.

How do I Make unique Holistic Serums?
Our Clients appreciate our phenomenal products, and ask how.
So I transparently try to explain, which truthfully can only be experienced and documented.

Mosaic in Israel. Floored me.

A few years ago, I was visiting Israel.
A visual Paradise, amazing things to see & absorb by the dozens-
many things read in the Bible, now seeing for Real.
Like an anticipation that had been set up for years…

During a visit to a Cathedral,
while everyone was off looking at the big, bright things on the guide’s list,
I saw a huge area, cordoned off -looked like paintings on the floor- so I strolled over to the very dimly-lit area.

The amazing floor patterns looked like rough paintings, very large scale, with 5-6 feet sized birds & animals (each one bigger than me).

I got closer and closer, and not until I bent forward to peer over- did I see what it was.

This huge Mosaic, so intricate in detail, even while I was looking at it I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I just said to myself, ‘this is not real’ and went around trying to figure out if it was fake. Truth. Finally, I accepted the cracks, and the erosion to mean this was The Real Thing, just better (sorry U2).

An archeological find Floored me. Because the details were too fantastic !

Pictures of animals, humans, leaf patterns, flowers. This was the closest corner- about 6X6 feet..
– a candidate for Ahaseuras’ floor (Esther 1)

Mosaic Detail
Mosaic Detail

Can you just imagine the hundreds of hours of back-breaking work, the artistry?
Dozens of hands must have worked on it! Nobody could do this now!
The Floors left me breathless. What kind of History was this!

(Mosaic Floors like these were found UNDER floors of cathedrals, palaces, etc. as they were built over by conquering kings when they could not destroy them!)


The Bull- Bison- was next to the Peacock which is to the right, inside the red vine circle.
Vines & grapes throughout the 30-40 feet floor.

I spent most of the allotted time there, walking back and forth. The picture is brightened so you can see the colors- it was dark inside, in a partly hidden area.

The Mosaic answers the question:  How are Holistic Serums Made.


Holistic Serums are like that Mosaic Floor.
What you see is not easily understandable.
When you use our Serums, you will pull back the current floor of your experience (of other products), going deep, ‘seeing’ the hidden creation, the hours of hard work that have gone into each piece, the Artistry to make each a cohesive whole.

It is because we have a History using natural ingredients from Ayurveda, from Unani, from TCM, Herbalism, Aromatherapy.. an intuitiveness that allows to use them together

When asked to explain Holistic Serums, I say-the  feel of Luxurious Skin,
the Joy, the feeling of Victory in the Defiance of Time,

Its difficult to put in words,- so I say that they have to be experienced.
They are not just Super fine things, but they Super-fine the User.


Personal History

We started selling, years after making our products for Family & Friends.
We were two SAHM’s, living in Texas – we had Passion, and Perfecting  Products, but neither Industry knowledge nor Small Business knowledge – an ongoing process. The old blog is reflective of that. Our website looked different, with rudimentary marketing skills.
Through the years, Relocation, divorce, personal/ health issues including Osteo-arthritis.
And we still Made, while Selling just enough.
And we still Make.
 Making (& Using) gave us Peace, an anchor, while everything changed around us, something Unique, that no one else can ever have.
A reason to Lift up our Heads, because God has given us Favor, and how.

It is our Unique gift, so that we, too, can lift up others  – give a hand to Move Ahead when life throws in its natural stops.



More Mosaics.
A Mosaic of a Map. These ancients were workaholics. Or slave-drivers.
The guide explained the route for something- a commercial route, I think.


Thank you for being here!


Skin Brightening & Smoothing Soap. Anti-Tan Scrubs. BestSeller

20150414_150411These Smoothing, Gently Scrubbing Soaps are our best-sellers.
Excellent for reducing Summer tans, because of skin-brightening and cleansing granules, an absolute necessity in this Tropical climate and pollution which saps brightness of skin.
Our most economic product, it fits & enhances every lifestyle. Indian Bestsellers.
Winter Care Soap

1. Facial Treat Soap (prev UltraGlow)
Because of Skin dryness, and by using abrasive soaps, folds and wrinkles become apparent, making skin look older.
Facial Treat soap smooths and soothes skin, so that these wrinkles look less obvious, skin appears clearer, more light-reflective- all aiding in a  youthful look, when used regularly.
An excellent daily Beautifying routine, Smoothing,  Brightening wash.
For those who don’t use a lot of products, an easy single product.
For maintenance of skin
Enhances any regular Skin routine. Beneficial for Sensitive Skin used regularly.

Facial Treat Soaps

Yashtimadhu, Lemon peel, papaya peel and other skin brightening natural ingredients. This is a Summer soap, with pronounced anti-tan effects for the tropical climate. Vegan.
Prices on India Product list (leftbar)
See more info

2. Black Soap, a regular face wash, especially made for blemish prone, acne, mature skin. Both soaps smooth and give anti-wrinkle effect by intensely smoothing. Beneficial for Sensitive Skin used regularly.


Part of the Pigmentation & acne kits, daily use keeps skin soft and beautifully brighter. Good for those who like a regular use treatment, not as intensely brightening as Facial Treat.
Contains Black walnut hulls,  Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Mud, Black Honey.
Vegan Black Soap without Honey is also available.

3. Jasmine Mani Pedi Soap (White Soap in pic)

for an instant manicured pedicure look. Scrubs, cleanses, brightens, lightens hands and feet with lot of dead skin and grime buildup. Abrasive and intense brighter skin.
DEAD Sea and Himalayan pink salts make this an intense Salt scrub. If you have cuts or bruises, salt will sting (salt may heal, but stings!).
Contains skin softening and brightening ingredients- White Kaolin, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk. Vegan.
Not for Sensitive Facial Skin. 

Holiday Chocolate, Honey & Coconut Milk Soap. India lineup

Whats common in  Winter?
Dry, Stretched out skin, and Soap that dries it out further by stripping the natural oils off the skin.
This dryness emphasizes wrinkles, as an addition to feeling dry & itchy, skin also looks older, un-cared for.
Instead of a firm, smooth skin, we have a dry, pruny look- never a good thing.

Hydration is Key to keep dry skin and scaly scalp at bay, and the itchiness associated with dryness.
The use of a more moisturizing soap is a big help in the daily routine, in winter, a necessity, not a luxury.
The luxurious, moisturizing Soaps, or super-fatted soaps- are soaps which have extra oils and butters in them, very much over and above, which help to give a smoother feel to skin.
The quality and type of oils and ingredients used make a major difference to the feel of Soap.

Super-fatted Soap, because of the ingredients are softer, gentler and more luxurious to touch.

The Holiday Winter Care Soap

gives a luxurious, super-smooth feel to skin, helping keep those dry skin wrinkling at bay.
Fragranced with Chocolate & anti-oxidant rich Cocoa Powder, the luscious touch of Coconut Milk,  Honey to retain moisture, Saffron, Shea Butter (of course!), White Kaolin for a luxurious feel.
A little bit of pomegranate peel to slough off dead skin, fresh skin that is seen because of the mild scrub.
A smoothing, softening, luxurious Soap, layered with Chocolate, Saffron  & mild Lemony fragrances.

Excellent as a Shaving Soap, giving a smooth feel to skin after use. (Tip: after shaving, use Rosy Cheeks cream to gently nourish.)

The Chocolate-Orange Holiday Soap

has all of the above ingredients, for a moisturizing, gentle scrubbing action-
In addition, instead of pomegranate peel, Orange peel gives the mild scrubbing action, and an Orange fragrance.
This Chocolate-Orange layered fragrance is Quite delicious.

You could almost skip the Moisturizer with these Soaps. Gives a smooth, supple feeling to skin.

These Soaps are soft and gentle, and leave a layer of butter/oil on skin, that protects from dry skin for several hours.

Message me on Facebook for purchase in India.




Paris. Going deeper and learning something

The recent attacks on Paris were heartbreaking. The helplessness, the discouragement,
Like a storm, raising up what was hidden underwater, a whole gamut of emotions that were hidden were raised up..

Something deep inside was touched.
Unrest. Turmoil. A Sea boiling inside.

What Do you do when Things are out of your control?
What do you do when you are so far away that you cannot do any good, any repair, any healing?

Bear the Pain.
Bear the Discouragement.
Bear the helplessness.
And get up again.
Speak words of healing
to yourself, to those who hear you

If you don’t bear pain willingly, you wont have the strength to awaken yourself.
Pain has to be borne.
When you put a Cling wrap over your wounds, not letting it be touched, you cannot get strength from your experience.
It will stay as a bad memory, a torment, an untouchable thing.

So bear it- learn to let your heart bleed,
sob willingly for the people who died in the attack-
and more than that,
for the fools who have such a bad life here, they prefer death and the chance of a better future after death.
I know they were the attackers, but they are also victims.
And they have no helper.
Their god is no good while they live and train to die.
So deep- can you see the abyss?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité  – what the French Flag stands for.

Appreciate the liberty we have, to do anything, say anything, without harming anyone.
Cherish the mind that is strong enough to resist brainwashing.

Treasure the time you have, to make and maintain real friends.

Treat everyone as equals.
Instead of looking down, patronizing, hasty to say something.
People have equal right to humanity, to live as happily as they can.
If its not the same things that make you happy, learn to tolerate.

Learn something.
Such a horrible thing has happened. Learn to open your mind, your heart.
Make a difference to yourself.

Veteran’s Viewpoint: Britton Bell’s Experience

britbeBritton Bell, Vietnam War Veteran, Facebook Friend.

Maturity is the capacity to empathize with another’s drastically different experience.
I hope this post helps to do that.

I ask the zanily funny, straight-talking Britton a few difficult questions.


  1. Enlisting
    I enlisted in the US Navy in June 1966, and had a three year enlistment.
  2. What you remember about your Comrades
    I was a Hospital Corpsman, and met some of the most inspiring guys – mostly Marines – who were hospitalized for months, and sometimes a few years because of the severity of their wounds.  I have more stories about them than Carter has little pills.
    I lost more than 50 friends in the Viet Nam war … Marines and many Navy Corpsmen.  That is something no one can forget – every year I remember them as if it were still 1966.
  3. Worst thing about being a Veteran

    ​The worst thing ?
    When I traveled in uniform and when I applied for jobs after my discharge, using my little experience (considering I entered right after high school graduation) was being called “A Government Paid Whore”.

     This happened more times than I can recount.  Eventually I left my time in the Navy off my resume – and was offered every job I applied/interviewed for.​

  4. Toughest thing after the War ended.
    Going to the Viet Nam War Memorial and finding the names of those I knew who were killed in action was the most difficult, painful, emotional experience for me.
    Of the 58,220 names on the Wall at the Viet Nam War Memorial in D.C., 638 belong to Navy Hospital Corpsmen who were killed in action — more than in any other war except World War II. I knew more than 50 of those boys personally.
  5. About considerations to a Veteran.
    ​I do not and never have expected anything from anyone because I served in the military. My Duty, my Pride, my Honor.
  6. Anything you want to say
    On a Lighter Note
    the BACRONYM (yes – bacronym) WAVES – after it was used by the Naval Reserve when it accepted women into their service it came to mean:
    WAVES:  Women Accepted for Volunteer Emergency Service
    many years later, it was “changed” in fun to mean:
    WAVES:  Women Are Very Essential Sometimes!!!!​

How I met Britton

Britton & Gabby

Gabby had a really bad accident, and as Britton talked about the difficult legal/emotional fight about the accident, I found myself drawn to her and wrote to her and we emailed for a while. Later, I (or she) found her on Facebook and became friends. She has a great pick-myself-up- attitude which inspired me through the years.
This interview is in her honor as a Fiesty, Brave, Tough, Kind, Gentle, Faithful, Honor-bound woman.
So ready to take on so much.. and still laugh it out.
Love you, Britton! You are a hero!
And it has nothing to do with the war.

Also the founder of Britton’s Unique Boutique, BUB, Fine, organic skincare products – her lifetime passion! (labeling done). Link will be updated.
About her

Britton Talks About her War Experience:
(Some of this may be in the speech in the Veteran’s Day Ceremony, where she presents a tribute to Navy Hospital Corpsmen, many of whom served with the SEALS and Marines in country and especially the 638 who were killed in action.)

” Two million women have served in defense of our nation since the Revolutionary War, the Navy providing all medical services to the Marines since that time.

In June 1966 I enlisted in the Women’s branch, “WAVES” of The US Naval Reserve (estd 1942), at the height of the Viet Nam “Conflict”, because I wanted the GI Bill to help toward Medical School.

Only 38 out of 80 I started boot camp with, were graduated and sent to other duty stations.
I was thrilled when I got my orders for Great Lakes Naval Training Center because I was going to be a WAVE Hospital Corpsman.

The first Navy Corpsmen went into DaNang with their Marines in 1965. Corps School, a 34-week school, with rising casualties, we were pushed to our limits in 17 weeks to be fully trained.
Less than 10% of my class were WAVES and were sent to non-combat zones. The majority of my male classmates were serving “in-country” by early spring of 1967.

Special units, such as the Navy SEALS and Marine reconnaissance units took Corpsmen with them.
Hospital corpsmen in Vietnam cared for over 70,000 Navy and Marine Corps combat casualties.  Of the 58,220 names on the Wall at the Viet Nam War Memorial in D.C., 638 belong to Navy Hospital Corpsmen who were killed in action — more than in any other war except World War II. I knew more than 50 of those boys personally.

From 1965 until we pulled our troops out of Nam in 1972, 30 hospital corpsmen received the Navy Cross; 127 the Silver Star Medal; 290 the Bronze Star Medal; and 4,563 earned the Purple Heart.”


The most dangerous role of the hospital corpsman in Vietnam was in the field, as medical Sailors.
These Sailors patrolled with their Marines, risked the same dangers, and rendered the aid that saved the lives of thousands.

The Women in Military Service for America Memorial, located at the Ceremonial Entrance to Arlington National Cemetery, is the only major national memorial honoring all women who have defended America through history.