Men’s Deluxe Gift Set: non-fussy, multi-functional Skin & Hair products. Natural

Deluxe Mens Kit
Deluxe Mens Kit
The Deluxe Men’s Kit.
containts 5 nourishing products, beautifully packaged in elegant Acrylic Square & Round Pots. The Packaging is as upscale as the nourishment they contain inside.
1. Moroccan Argan Hair Styling Cream. Silicone Free. Easy Wash.
The Center of the Luxe Men’s Kit, and will be an instant hit.
It leaves Hair, smoother, more manageable and voluminous!
Even wind-swept hair of the people who came to the fairs, emerged out beautiful.

Non-sticky, it became an instant hit with Men, whose shorter hairstyles got more Lift, especially Fine, Soft Hair and Curl definition and manageability for thicker, unruly hair.

Made with 80% natural butters and oils, beautifully scented with Ylang Ylang.
Women like this also!
For Longer hair, with more weight, it provides a different look.
Volumizes at the roots, not as much as short hair, but enough so that ‘flattened’ look on scalp is balanced out, enhanced fullness. + makes hair ends fuller and voluminous, losing the mousy, scrunched up look, which happens after a while.
And of course, Silicone Free.
Read about how Silicones, anti-frizz serums hurt hair
Looking for more Hair products? Scalp Nourishing, Cone-free Anti-frizz, Dry Hair treaments with Strength & Beauty Hair Kit 
2.Orchid Facial Serum . Our Bestseller Face Serum.
Instant Radiance, Glow, and a very very special look. If not the holidays, then when will you look your best?
Read Orchid Serum Testimonials
3. Skin 2 Love Cream.
Named for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, using Myrtle essential Oil, her favorite herb, used to make ‘Angel Water’.
A night renewing cream.

Goddess of Love, Aphrodite. Favorite Herb: Myrtle
Goddess of Love, Aphrodite
4. Essential Clay
A weekly Mask, a healthy skin ritual. With Rare Clays and essential Oils, to draw out impurities, making skin soft, smooth and bright.
5. Blueberry Face Polish
Weekly use for cleansing and softening impurities on skin.
An intense scrub. Good Benefits to thicker men’s skin. Leaves skin, radiant and cleansed and ready to go.

How-to Have Good Hair Day, Everyday. Top Signs of Healthy Hair. Natural Oils for a Healthy Look

There are Dozens of Hair products to choose from for Styling, Hair fixes, and a specific, glam look.
But for Everyday  to be a ‘Good Hair Day’,  the essential factor is to Nourish Hair & Scalp.
Holistic Serums Hair Products do just that and can Keep Hair Healthy Everyday.  M
ade with Only Healthy Oils/ Buttersbraid

Top Signs of Healthy Hair: 

Nourished, Healthy Hair looks Soft, Smooth, Full, Shiny, Bouncy
healthy enough to handle stresses of Color, Styling,

Healthy Hair produces optimum Sebum or Scalp oil.
Many factors mess up Sebum production- causing unhealhty, ill-nourished hair.
Weather, Aging, strong treatments, Color, abusive hair products- like some Anti-frizz products (cones)
See an old post warning against Anti-frizz serums

To evaluate healthy hair, see these helpful links

5-steps to evaluate Hair Health from (very interesting) &

6 Signs of Healthy Hair (explaining Elasticity, Strength, Softness, Moisture-retention, Breakage, Shininess)-


To make it all better, see our Hair Kit.

Ill-Nourished Hair becomes Dry, Frizzy, Limp, Lifeless. Later, hair replacement is lesser, becoming slow-growing hair, losing volume.

Hair Changes All the Time.
Many factors Like the Weather, New Products, heredity, etc. makes Hair to change.
Keeping Hair healthy needs consistent maintenance, healthy Diet, Protecting Hair from very damaging treatments, Protection from the Sun PLUS using Nourishing Oils for the Scalp & Hair.

Regular Nourishment may mean changing treatments as Hair changes.

Strength & Beauty Hair Kit Contains natural treatments to optimize your Hair Health.
Treatments to intensely nourish and meet the need of Hair to look Healthy quickly and gently nourish over time.
That is to say, products to Make it and to Fake it.:)

‘ Strength & Beauty’ The Hair Kit
contains 3 products to address the Top 3 Hair concerns Volume & Bounce, Dry Scalp & Hair, Styling.

  1. Natural Hair & Scalp Serum, 12-Oil Best-selling Synergy, for enhancing volume, fullness, helping to cover patchiness, a Scalp application. A spectacular oil, containing a specific phenotype of Camellia oil, used by the Geisha for luxurious hair since ancient times. Instead of spending several hundreds and scheduled treatments in hair clinics, this is an easy non-fuss product for hair to appear fuller and covering patchiness, both temporarily and long-term. The only Serious Haircare product for your needs
    Provides grey hair coverage for distinguished grey appearance temporarily when used on hair surface. Non-dye grey hair darkening oil, can be used for Blond, Brunette, Redheads (yellow in color).
  2. Avocado & Sage Detangler for application to Scalp as dryness treatment, and to Hair as anti-frizz care. Hair is silky and soft in few uses. Anti-Frizz + Dry itchy Scalp treatment oils
  3. A lightweight Styling Creme for fullness, curl definition, natural hold upto 3 days, remoldable. Moroccan Argan & Ylang Ylang essential oils for a luxurious scent.

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Separate products also available

For Hair that will be treasured.

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The Sun & Your Skin: Pink your Skin with Pigmentation Kits

Exposure to the Sun is harmful to the Skin.

Prolonged exposure causes Burning, Skin ageing, tanning, even Cancer.
Always protect Skin using a high SPF Sunscreen, especially in tropical climates.

A Tan, means that skin has been damaged, and is trying to protect itself by producing pigment cells (melanocytes) to absorb UV radiation.
Sun damage not only causes imbalanced pigmentation, it causes damage to Collagen and Elastin, thus making skin to sag and lose its bounciness.
Pigmentation, a more permanent ‘tan’ is Sun damage, spreading further as years of damage pile up. Along with it, Skin begins to look older than it is, causing fading of Skin color, giving uneven skin tone and hard to remove blemishes.

The Natural Pigmentation Kit20150930_151908

Pigmentation Kit consists of Skin Beneficial Nourishing Oils & Herbs to intensely nourish and keep skin healthy.
Unlike our other Kits, this is a slow, gently nourishing process.
The Kit Consist of Black Soap (Daily Cleansing Wash), Rosy Cheeks Skin Renewal Creme, Facial Detox Clay

Following a strict regime for the first 1-2 weeks is essential to jumpstart Skin health.

  1. Black Soap with powdered Black Walnut, Dead Sea Mud, Activated Charcoal


Black Soap combines a gentle Glycerin based soap with pure herbs and mineral-rich mud. Walnut hulls, Activated Charcoal & Dead Sea Mud go into this wonderful Soap which leaves blemish-prone Skin fresher, brighter and ready to take on the day. Well-suited for Mature Skin.

Facial Detox Clay with Australian Manuka & Tea Tree, Activated Charcoal)

A pinch of Facial Detox Clay is mixed with a few drops of Detox Oil with Orange & Bergamot essential oils.
Leave on for 5-10 minutes and wash off for smooth, cleaner skin. Use upto 7 times weekly. As this is a daily Mask, the addition of Skin oils, keeps skin soft, smooth and nourished. French Green Clay makes this a gentle Mask.

The Kit contains Rosy Cheeks Renewal Cream with essential oils of Manuka, Seabuckthorn berry, both know for their Skin softening benefits in a 99% natural base of Beeswax, Apricot Kernel & Evening Primrose Oils. Enhanced with a touch of Turkish Rose Otto, one of the best oils for Skin since ancient times. all helping to give a youthful glow to Skin.20151021_111740 Cream for Pigmentation, Rosy Cheeks, is enhanced with essential oils of Manuka & a touch of Turkish Rose Otto, one of the best Skin oils known since ancient times, to give a youthful glow to Skin.

In 2-3 weeks, your skin will appear smoother and even-toned.

The Daily ritual consists of
Cleansing top layers of Skin with Black Soap, made with Walnut hulls and Dead Sea Mud to give energy to skin and brighten it.

Vegan Pigmentation Kit (Luxe)
with Pure Rose Cream and Orchid Facial Serum

20151021_112113To intensify nourishment, Pure Rose Cream may be used overnight for Softer, Brighter skin each Morning.
Anti-pollution Orchid Serum may be used in the morning.

Read about the luxurious, ancient Egyptian Beauty Secret, Rose Oil and on the fantastic Orchid Extract known in TCM .

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Products in USA

Jewel Finish Radiant Bridal Kit Hair, Face & Body Beautifying

Jewel finish Bridal treatmemts
Jewel Finish: Bridal Finishes for Hair, Face & Body (ornament decorative)

Finishing Treatments for Hair, Face & Body- Fit for a Bride.
Sensational Results, Natural Butters & oils, Nourishing, Smoothing, Beautifying.20151030_142809

1. Argan & Ylang Ylang Styling Creme 10g for Hair styling & Instant volume, Lift, Definition, Curl definition, Smooth Hair Ends for long hair.

2 Avocado Sage Detangler 15ml
Leave in conditioning Serum for Dry/ frizzy treated colored hair for instant softer, Straighter, smoother Hair.
Dry Scalp Treatment for itchy scalp, overnight treatment for extra dry damaged hair.
Old Blogpost: Why Anti-Frizz treaments & Silicones are bad for dry/damaged hair

3. Skin 2 Love cream 5g, for even toned Skin. Named for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love with her favorite herb, Myrtle. Read more on this cream

4. Facial Treat soap for skin brightening – bestseller 12g. Previously Called Glow Soap, Anti-Tan, Lightening Wash.

5 Orchid Facial Serum 2ml. Best-selling Face Serum. Instant Glow & Intense nourishing FX long-term use.

6 Face Polish for Face, Neck,  back 5g

7 Mani pedi wash for soft smooth bright hands and feet 20g

8 Detox clay mask for instant skin brightening and firming 10g + 5ml Detox Oil

Each product except Orchid Serum gives 20-25 uses.

Priced at 3500 INR

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