Passion Fruit Natural Perfume. What it Takes to Make

The Passion Fruit Vine in my backyard starred in its own story.
It began, humbly enough…
This year, unlike previous ones which gave about 10 fruit, this Vine was planned by Mom to climb up the Coconut Tree, find optimum sunlight and space.
It spread like a canopy for over a year until suddenly there were Fruit!
Fruit! before we noticed either Buds or Flower! months missed!

Passion Fruit & buds. The Single Flowering branch.

One glorious branch hung down the tree with Fruit and buds… Fruiting and Budding and Flowering.. all at once..Such a sight to see, it gladdens the heart.

20151009_111804Pleasant mornings in the backyard, breathing in the loveliness, and sometimes, capturing with my camera. Because this was a loveliness I may not see again ( A delicate plant, previous 2 vines dying after one fruiting season in the hot summer)

The glorious Flower. Very well hidden!

Not everyone appreciated my presence..

Baby bulbul.. with downy feathers and wings that couldnt fly… still trying to scare me
The fruit peeping out of the Flower
Along with Vitex’s violet leaves & buds

Eventually, the Fruit falls

20151009_102030 The fruit, when ripe, falls to the ground. It is very smooth skinned. The scent of the passion fruit is so strong that the peel is fragrant!. At one point I thought the peel should be made into a perfume!

The beauty of the plant is enough to make that heart-connect, but when the fruit is cut!!Oh! its fragrance, just blows me away.

The vary fragrant Golden Pulp of the Passion Fruit.

The Entire Plant is such a thing of Beauty- from its leaves, its delicate (but business-like) tendrils, its buds and flowers- all leading up to the sensational fruit drink.


With tangy, sour notes, and a heavenly fragrance, the pulp is diluted down and a generous amount of sugar to offset the tartness. The juice is not beautiful for its fragrance alone, but its taste as well- not too sweet like a mango, and not too sour like a lemon. Just satisfying.

Eventually, one of the fruit makes its way into a perfumery Absolute/ Concrete

Fruit Concrete of a single Fruit

a wonderful process Dabney Rose teaches without using Chemical Solvents unlike commercial Perfumery Compounds
thoroughly enjoying the time-consuming, labor-intensive satisfaction. It takes days and weeks of care and processing, always keeping it in mind as so many factors can spoil the perfume.


After the concrete is done, and it is made into perfume, I evaluate its top notes, its body, its dry down..
Passion Fruit as a  Perfume has very complex Notes.
What I first thought were fruity notes, like real mango fruit’s fragrance, and a whisper of lemon fruit- smelling much like the original passion fruit , were only the Top notes..

In dilution it turned into quite the animal… a surprising twist..

Top fruity notes drying down to walnutty heart notes with a bit of burnt sugar/caramel lusciousness. No hint of floral notes, just intensely nutty.

And then comes the surprise finish… passion fruit beginning and ending all by itself into
A rich, mossy, almost leathery back ground.. but soft so soft… think forest floor and Oakmoss in a celestial place.

What a Natural Beauty!

One should stop now, I think…
But wondering at the combinations- One part is talking to an aging Vanilla Bean Tincture which is soft and powdery.. and probably wont overpower Passion Fruit.
Then something to reinforce the nuttiness… and then we shall see… we shall see this wonderful perfume in its glory…

Hand blown perfume bottle got from Egypt. Waiting it's turn.
Egyptian Hand-blown Perfume Bottle, Fragile.

My bottle is all picked out. A hand blown perfume bottle, brought all the way from Egypt. This teeny thing cost so much! Unfortunately I hadn’t much exchange on me and the other 2 broke in transit. But one unique bottle will do for one Passion Fruit, i think…