Ode to My Favorite Essential Oils

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Pink Lotus

My favorites

are those

that make me Feel


than what I was originally feeling.

My favorites

are those

that make me Yearn

to touch the intangible

the scent of the essence

and yet understand that

I am already touched by them.

The Spiritual Oils is what I would like to call them

SpikeNard  grounding, calming, centering- earthy
like an arabic song

whose words I do not understand

but haunt me just the same..

Nard earthy, the Blue Lotus watery… green.. but centering still
a quietness there too..
& the lovely ethereal Pink Lotus, at once there, and not there at all-

close to my heart, touching quieting, soothing, softening.

and the wonderful complexity of Myrrh…

Mixed with Davana– imagine!

the pleasure of the Jasmine’s honeyed notes
the mouth-watering scents in the peppery undertones of the Rose…

First experiments with Jasmine enfleurage.

Champaca… oh where to stop!

Frangipani in Monoi de tiare.

the rounded notes of the beautiful Mimosa

Tuberose! delicious voluptuousness…

I shall stop

right here

right now.

this is where I belong

in the memory of long ago scents

Perfume bottle once carried Divine with Pink Lotus

in drops hidden away in tiny vials

in experiments labored over and over

for a few drops of pure indulgence

in extracts that I could not bear

to create into perfume…
15yr old sandalwood hidden away still…

a bit of Carnation, Cassie

writing, stopping, looking
to see

what I have hidden, treasured, forgotten

till I look again.

Ah! the Joy

of laboring with a load of perfumes.

too natural to quit.