Current Services available in India

Holistic Serums has provided Custom Services in the US since 2007. This is now available in India.

Why Custom Services
Different Individuals have different needs for Skin & Hair.
Selecting the right product is difficult, even if the product is available. |
We take the guesswork out of your selection and provide a range of products to give all-round nourishment for major concerns.

After a period of Intensive Nourishment, we give you a Maintenance Care routine, with the most convenient products that gives you the results you desire.

Some products may be available in our range as is, and some are customized as per need, age, environment, hereditary factors etc.

In India, we offer
1. Custom Hair Care Services
2. Custom Everyday Facial routine for healthy, youthful skin.
3. Custom Bridal Package & Special events packages.
4. Custom Body products
5. Total Package

1. Custom Hair Care Services
A complete set of treatments for healthy nourished Hair, everyday. Depending on Individuals, Hair type, they are a
Combination of 1 or more products (Shampoo, Hair Serum, Hair & Scalp Synergy). Concerns of Dryness, brittleness, Hairloss, patchiness etc

2. Custom Everyday Facial Routine –
A Custom combination of products for an everyday even tone and healthy maintained skin. Regular use gives a healthy youthful skin at any age.
1 or more products: Daily Wash, Moisturizer, Non-multani Face Masks, Overnight Cream, Serum, Acne Care, Blemished Skin, etc.

3. Bridal Package
with Luxe Face Wash, 23kGold Cream, Sheen Serum, Special custom Clays, Lip Care, Eyelash Conditioner etc. for instant/ overnight & special effects.

4. Custom Body products for Neck Firming, Stretchmarks, Toning, etc.

5. Total Package
Consisting of Face, Hair & Body needs. 3-month package for optimum care.

1. Intensive Care & Optimum Nourishment Packages
4-week packages

Face & Hair Care starting from 5,000INR 
Bridal & Body Care starting from 20,000 INR

2. Maintenance Packages after Optimum Nourishment
3-month complete care packages, depending on products chosen , starting from 2999 INR

To avail Personalized Services 
1. email us photograph or areas of concern with India Services as subject

2. We will email evaluation, select products for intensive care and optimum nourishment.
approximate Time: 1-4 week Facial Care and 3months Hair Care

3. Payment (DD/ Personal Acc transfer)

4. Products couriered throughout India, with 1-4 week period of usage and instructions

5. After optimum nourishment of Skin & Hair, fixing a maintenance Care routine, 1-3 times weekly use, and best products for gentle regular care.