HoneyMoon Skin & Hair Packages : Single & Couple

The HoneyMoon Skin & Hair Package Aims to:

1. Clear out Skin & Hair Issues, the biggest concerns you have, so you can be Comfortable in your Skin.
Before your big event, During, After. All the Time, even.

2. To be able to Look and Feel Fabulous, with minimal Makeup.

In other words, Make You (or the Two of You) a Natural Beauty.

A Natural Beauty is one with Radiant Skin, Lustrous Tresses, the works..
Makeup on a Natural Beauty will make him/her Stellar; and simple, elegant hair Styling looks like Special FX.

A Natural Beauty has Superior Skin in the pink of health, Bouncy, healthy hair..
speaking volumes of the Intense Nourishing and loving care that has gone into it,
Jewel-like Skin Care, customized to make and keep you looking as Splendid as you like, as long as you like.

An investment in Confidence and Glamour that becomes part of you.
Enhancing the dullest Clothes, the tiniest Jewels. Because the Jewel is now, YOU..


About Us

For 8+ years, Holistic Serums has Custom-made Skin & Hair Serums, for Clients looking for 100% natural alternatives with optimum benefits, for Sensitivities, Dry, Itchy Skin, Blemishes, Scars, etc. See some Client Before- After Pics

Our Unique Fusion Formulations use an Intuitive combination of Ayurved ingredients and Aromatherapy, herbals, TCM that we have familiarized ourselves to for many, many years. Essentially handmade, with exquisite benefits, true Luxury products, designed for the Select Few.
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We offer Prepackaged Skin & Hair Kits for various needs. See The Kit that Fits

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