Jewel Finish Radiant Bridal Kit Hair, Face & Body Beautifying

Jewel finish Bridal treatmemts
Jewel Finish: Bridal Finishes for Hair, Face & Body (ornament decorative)

Finishing Treatments for Hair, Face & Body- Fit for a Bride.
Sensational Results, Natural Butters & oils, Nourishing, Smoothing, Beautifying.20151030_142809

1. Argan & Ylang Ylang Styling Creme 10g for Hair styling & Instant volume, Lift, Definition, Curl definition, Smooth Hair Ends for long hair.

2 Avocado Sage Detangler 15ml
Leave in conditioning Serum for Dry/ frizzy treated colored hair for instant softer, Straighter, smoother Hair.
Dry Scalp Treatment for itchy scalp, overnight treatment for extra dry damaged hair.
Old Blogpost: Why Anti-Frizz treaments & Silicones are bad for dry/damaged hair

3. Skin 2 Love cream 5g, for even toned Skin. Named for Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love with her favorite herb, Myrtle. Read more on this cream

4. Facial Treat soap for skin brightening – bestseller 12g. Previously Called Glow Soap, Anti-Tan, Lightening Wash.

5 Orchid Facial Serum 2ml. Best-selling Face Serum. Instant Glow & Intense nourishing FX long-term use.

6 Face Polish for Face, Neck,  back 5g

7 Mani pedi wash for soft smooth bright hands and feet 20g

8 Detox clay mask for instant skin brightening and firming 10g + 5ml Detox Oil

Each product except Orchid Serum gives 20-25 uses.

Priced at 3500 INR

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