India Product & Pricelist

Select Anti-aging Serums & Creams are available in Hyderabad, India
Singles as well as Treatment Kits are listed.


50ml Serums & 45g Creams

About Holistic Serums
Game Changers for Skin & Hair Nourishing Care
especially suited for mature skin, to restore fading skin, give blemish-prone skin intense nourishment and improve health of Skin and Hair, at any age.

Hand-crafted with the finest Natural Raw Oils & Butters, extracts, essences.
Hand-picked ingredients, each Serum & Cream contains 70-100% natural ingredients. Commercial products in the market, calling themselves ‘natural’ may have 1-10% natural ingredients which is very high.

Rose Otto from Turkey, Israel’s Dead Sea Mud, High altitude Lavender from the French Alps, Moroccan Argan, Somalian Myrrh & Frankincense, Bourbon Geranium from Reunion the best things the world has to offer, go into our Serums, Masks, Scrubs, Night Creams. 250+ Active Naturals

Intense nourishment, Instant short term benefits and outstanding long-term nourishment, geared towards a younger, fresher, healthier look, whatever age you are.

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Making Process & Pricing Factors

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India Product & PriceList

This page is updated regularly.
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Facial Soap
1. Skin Brightening: Facial Treat Soap, Black Soap & White Soap.

An excellent daily beautifying, smoothing,  brightening wash. Easy single product, for maintenance and enhances any regular Skin routine. India Best Sellers. Soaps are appx weights.

Facial Treat Soap

(small Heart not in pic) 250 INR,
12g 300INR (Rose & Mum),
60g (Heart & Rose) 1200 INR

2. Black Soap
8g 150 INR, 50g 1100 INR.

With Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Mud, Black Walnut Hulls, Black Honey- blemish-prone skin.

3. Jasmine Mani Pedi Soap (White Soap) with Dead Sea Salts, Himalayan Pink Salts, White Kaolin, Mango Butter.
50g 800INR

4. Winter Care Soap with Honey, Coconut Milk, Olive Oil, Chocolate, Orange, Saffron. Ultra-ultra-moisturizing.
60g (Hearts) 1199
200g Bars 2299 

5. Natural hair & Scalp Serum 8-year best-seller
This is a Scalp Elixir, benefits brittle, breakable, thinning hair.
50ml, 8500 INR
lasts upto 6months, look for intense hair benefits in 2-3 months of use.

6. Rosy Cheeks Cream 4g 999 (details)
Blemish-prone skin, pigmentation, scar-softening.

Rosy Cheeks, 4g, Skin2Love 5g

7. Orchid Facial Serum 5ml 1800

8. Pure Rose Cream 4g 3500

9. 23KGold Cream with Myrrh & Frankincense  4g 2500

10.  Argan & Ylang ylang Hair Styling Cream 15g 450, 45g 1200

1`. Skin 2 Love cream
is the Economy version of Orchid Facial Serum, skin brightening, light-reflective. Containing Orchid Extract, French lavender and Myrtle.
A family pack, best for more than one person. Well received, good benefits. 70% natural ingredients. Greatest value for money,
(US economy version: see Acai-Orchid Moisturiser)
5g 999, 45g 3500INR, ltd availability.


‘Strength & Beauty’ HAIR Kit INR 1850 

3 Treatments for Complete Care.
3 Treatments Complete Hair & Scalp Care.

Strength & Beauty Hair Kit Contains

1. Natural hair & Scalp Serum 5ml 950
2. Avocado & Sage Detangler 15ml 450
3. Styling Cream with Argan & Ylang Ylang 450

Party Ready Facial Kit  INR 2549

Instant Special FX: Festivals Look, Events, Parties

Party Ready Facial Kit
  1. Facial Treat Soap 10g INR 250. Supergood, 2month facial uses
  2. Blueberry Butter Face Polish INR 800
  3. Essential Clay Mask INR 500
  4. Skin 2 Love Cream, Night Renewal Cream with Orchid Ext 5g 999


23KGold Transform Facial Kit
INR 5399

(Intense Gold glowing, firm, superior smooth skin fit for a Bride. Healthy, Nourished)

Transforming Skin into Super, reflective surface with real 23k Gold
Transforming Skin into Super, reflective surface with real 23k Gold
  1. 2bridal23K Gold Cream, 4g, INR 2500 . Contains authentic 23kGold, Frankincense & Myrrh
  2. Facial Detox Clay 10g + Detox Oil 5ml 799
  3. Blueberry Face Polish 5g 800
  4. Facial Treat Soap/Scrub (Indian BestSeller) 60g 1200Read about anti-aging Beauty Treatment in a Soap


Pigmentation Kit, INR 2949
(for hyper pigmentation, blemish prone, and uneven skin tone)


  1. Rosy Cheeks Cream (prev Pigmentation Solution) 5g 900 with Manuka, Spikenard, Sandalwood, Rose essential oils
  2. Detox Clay 15g 1299 with Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Clay, Rose Clay & Red Clay
  3. Black Soap 45g 750 with Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Mud, essential oils

Before After Pics for Natural Hyper Pigmentation


Luxe Men’s Kit (Bachelor/ Wedding) INR 4999

Luxe Mens Kit in India


Acne Kit Small

  1. Acne Control Serum 5ml
  2. Detox Clay 5g
  3. Black Soap

Acne Kit Large

  1. Acne Control Serum 5ml
  2. Detox Clay 10g+ 5ml Detox Oil
  3. Black Soap
  4. Acne Old Scars serum
  5. 3. Orchid Facial Serum

Body Perfection Kit

JEWEL Finish Kit (page under updation)
(Nourishing Finishing Treatments for all areas)


Luxury Line & Singles: 99-100% Natural Ingredients, Superb Finishing Effects


Pure Rose Cream with Turkish Rose Otto 4g, 3499 INR20150827_135820
Pure Rose Cream, to luxuriate in the heavenly scent of pure Damask Roses, and have Divine Skin in the Pink of health. For a Innocent, Delicate Rosy Glow and Fresh-looking Skin overnight.
Excellent for Fair Skin, peaches & cream complexions and  Fantastic for Dusky Skins- ask Cleopatra

Lip Serum 4g, 2999 INR
US website: Lip pen

Lip Serum

The only Lip product that KEEPS lips soft and moist with minimum usage
Lip Serum is a nourishing Rejuvenator & Replenishes Lips.
(3-4) month use
Special Lip replenishing oils, for Fuller, Smoother Lips, wrinkles, dryness, darkness. Read about Lip Rejuvenator here

Lash Conditioner, 5ml, 3500 INR
For the appearance of Longer, thicker eyelashes.
Read about how long Lash Lengtheners work and other FAQ

Tummy Trio Kit INR 3999 (page under updation Buy in USA)

Tummy Trio: Toned, Smoother, younger-looking Skin
Tummy Trio: Toned, Smoother, younger-looking Skin in a week.

For all related concerns of the Stomach region- Stretchmarks, Sagging, etc.


Select creams use a Natural Silver-stabilized Preservative. Most of the Serums are packaged in Airless pumps, having no need of preservative.

email care121 sub: India for offline processing.
Items ship all over India from Hyderabad. Available in Select shops. email for purchases.

About Products

Core Luxury Products use 99-100% natural ingredients, finest internationally, superlative nourishment to Skin and Hair, matchless benefits. Simply Priceless.

Uniquely handmade, and nothing like them on the face of the earth. Each product has a set of synergizing natural ingredients from Aromatherapy and Ayurved to benefit appearance of Skin & Hair.
Free of Color or Fragrance, Water. Only Mineral Colors used. (Soap contains fragrance).
Our Core Products have stood the test of Time: 

1. Natural Hair & Scalp Serum
2. Orchid Facial Serum
3. Pure Rose Skin Cream
4. Gold Transform Cream
5. Acne Control Serum with Rose Geranium
6. Tummy Tucker Xtra with White Lotus Ext
7. (Firming & Stretchmarks) Body Serum
8. Thai Bone Pain Balm
9. Sensitive Teeth Synergy
10. Lash Conditioner
11. Facial Treat Beauty Soap


Premium Vegan Line of Kits

Kits are put together to give an all-round nourishment and special effects for Events,

allowing to be used for 10-20 uses, and letting you experience how beautiful and well nourished your skin and hair can become with natural, world class ingredients.

They give High Value for money, effects being over and above Facial Kits on the market and with no comparative Aromatherapy treatments in salons or spas.

Contact us for Store Enquiries.

  1. Party Ready Facial Kit
  2. Gold TRANSFORM Facial Kit
  3. Jewel Finish Bridal Kit
  4. Acne Kit (Mini & Reg)
  5. Pigmentation Kit
  6. Body Perfection Kit
  7. Strength & Beauty Hair Kit
  8. $Million Skin
  9. Luxury Men’s Skin Care Kit small
  10. Luxury Men’s Skin Care Kit Large (Bachelor)

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