How do Holistic Serums Compare with Serums on the Market: Whats Inside is Visible Outside. Compare with Clinical Treatments

Hi, I’m Esther Jo. Along with my partner Ruth Rose in TX, USA, we make the Finest Anti-aging Effects on the Face of the Earth.

We like to look natural and feel natural. Makeup is for special occasions, to enhance, but never to hide.

If Beautiful Makeup-free Skin and Healthy Hair is important to you, too, our products Holistic Serums are just right for you.

What goes inside, will be seen on the Outside:
Our ingredients are among the most fantastic that the Earth has to offer.

We source the best of the best from around the globe-
extracts of Roses from Bulgaria, Jasmine from Egypt, Myrrh from Ethiopia, Somalia from Frankincense, 23K Gold dust and Gold Bhasma. 

Our SkinCare makes your Skin smooth, shiny and youthful and helps to keep it toned during weightloss processes.

Our Hair Care is nourishing and uses natural oils renowned for their benefits in 12 different countries, We use Japanese Camellia, South American Babassu, Hawaaian Kukui Nut, Indian Gotu Kala among others. Hair Care Oils regularly used, makes your hair stronger, longer and keeps hair loss at bay

Compare with Serums on the market.

  1. Handmade Holistic Serums are Oil-based Synergies and made with  ONLY natural ingredients, eliminating most chemicals that irritate Sensitive Skin like mineral  oil, color, fragrance, not petroleum based, no alcohol, preservatives, etc:
    Serums on the Market contain (mostly) less than 5% natural ingredients, and full of chemicals for smooth flow, color, fragrance. Many cause reactions on Sensitive Skin.
  2. Holistic Serums natural oils and essential oils aid to nourish the skin, being easily absorbed.
    Serums on the market  use petroleum (mineral oil, etc) which gives creamy texture. Petroleum base has a barrier like property and is not absorbed by skin (or scalp ) but sits on top, like a coat of Makeup.

  3. Serums in the market benefit by hiding away and filling blemishes on Skin  instantly. Just as Makeup can be wiped off: when you stop using Serums, the effects completely disappear in a few days. When serum does not nourish, you may notice skin and hair is worse off than when you start.
    Holistic Serums consist of nourishing oils and stopping product usage does not deteriorate the quality of skin till several weeks, or revert to pre-treatment stage because of intense nourishment.

Use of Holistic Serums makes skin and hair respond better to salon treatments, etc.

Compare with Clinical Treatments.

Holistic Serums are best suited for those who are considering or undergone Clinical treatments, those more aware of skin and hair needs.

Clinical Treatments for best results need to be

  1. repetitive, mainly invasive in  nature
  2. incur Time and higher costs,
  3. require follow up medication and a large amount of care to not aggravate

Holistic Serums Compared to Clinical Treatments, the have

  1. comparable and better benefits to Skin & Hair, in the long run and with awareness of skin changes and in the right frequency.
  2. are Fraction of the price of Clinicals
  3. non- invasive,
  4. Natural and nourishing
  5. Convenient to be used at Home, with no after-care

Holistic Serums are for those who feel stressed about the condition of their Skin & Hair and desire to improve it.

Holistic Serums are made to help you Look Better, Feel Better & Live Better.

Our products, Holistic Serums ship worldwide from TX USA and our Wedding Serums products are available in India.


Opening Up: The Secret of Our Successful Products.

Holistic Serums are made with Flower Extracts. Like a Flower which opens at the right time, Holistic Serums are made for a Time when you want to Look Successful.
Successful people
take time and energy to maintain themselves- that they are as important- if not more- than the work they do.

Our Products do all the Hard work for you, they make Skin Smoth, Youthful, Firm and Hair healthy and well-maintained. To Look Tremendously more beautiful than the week before, and Feel the Wonder from the inside.

So Whats our Secret -why are our Beauty products better than any product on the Face of the Earth?

  • Secret Ingredients.

We use a huge inventory of 250+ Natural ingredients.
Each Product/ Beauty Oil is made with many natural ingredients- some are processed together for weeks, many are researched for years, and some are still being tweaked about the best ways to use them.

While the average product is made with approximately 20+ natural ingredients, not all are listed for several reasons.

  1. There would be no place on the label.
  2. Secrets should remain secret. We have spent blood and sweat on them, whole decades have gone for some.
  3. We DO follow US Label regulations. Ingredients above 1% of total volume are listed.
  • Slow Processing and Handmade Expertise

The reality is that only Fresh, Custom, Handmade product will make a Superior Product and give Superior Value to Your Skin & Hair.
Some products are made after order only, because the nature of ingredients dictates this.  Once in a while an ingredient does not bring value as it should, and is compensated for. This makes the whole process much slower than other products from other companies.

We have tried hard to create products in faster methods, but then value suffers, and we have opted out of it, so we can make a better product, to an exclusive market.

Most are Freshly Made for Highest Value after purchase

So there you go- Secret Ingredients & Slow Processing by Hand, makes Holistic Serums Wholesome and High Value.

Creating a Sense of Wonder for You, the Client, and to those who Look at You.



How we Make Holistic Serums

I make Holistic Serums, along with Ruth in Texas,
where we worked together, cooked together, loving the naturally good life.

How do I Make unique Holistic Serums?
Our Clients send us feedback & their pictures of our phenomenal products, and ask us how.
This is an attempt to explain something that can only be experienced- I’m using one of personal experiences for this as a metaphor.

Mosaic in Israel. Floored me.

A few years ago, I was visiting Israel.
It was a visual Paradise, things to see & absorb by the dozen-
places, situations from years of Bible-reading, now in the Flesh.
Like an anticipation set up for years…

It was there, during a visit to a Cathedral,
while everyone was off looking at the big, bright things on the guide’s list,
I saw a huge area, cordoned off- some paintings on the floor- and I strolled over to this very dimly-lit area.

There were amazing floor patterns, seeming like rough paintings in a very large scale, There were birds & animals 5-6 feet high, each one bigger than me.

I walked closer and closer, and not until I bent forward to peer right on top of it, did I see what it was.

A humongous Mosaic, with such intricate detail that even while I was looking at it I couldn’t believe my eyes.
I just said to myself, ‘this is not real’ and went around trying to figure out where I can spot the fake. Truth.
Finally, I accepted the cracks, and the erosion to mean this was  The Real Thing, just better (sorry U2) So much better, I didnt want to believe it.

Isn’t that what we do? When faced with something more wonderful than what we ever experienced before, we just disbelieve it. Spiritually, such kind of disbelief brings bad outcomes: Because we don’t believe, we go around saying certain things are fake when they aren’t – calling the Truth a lie. But I digress.

An archeological find Floored me because the details were fantastic !
Pictures of animals, humans, leaf patterns, flowers. This was the closest corner- about 6X6 feet.. maybe Ahaseuras’ floor looked like this (Esther 1)

Mosaic Detail
Mosaic Detail

Can you just imagine hundreds of hours of back-breaking work in that artistry?
Dozens of hands must have worked on it! Nobody could do this now!
The Floors left me breathless. What kind of History was this!

(Mosaic Floors like these were found UNDER floors of cathedrals, palaces, etc. as they were built over by conquering kings when they could not destroy them!)


The Bull- Bison- was next to the Peacock. Vines & grapes throughout the 30-40 feet floor.

I spent most of the allotted time there, walking back and forth. The picture is brightened so you can see the colors.

The Mosaic is a Metaphor for How Holistic Serums are Made.

like that Mosaic Floor.
What you see is unfathomable – When you use Holistic Serums, you will pull back the current ‘Floor” of your experience (with other products), and ‘seeing’ the hidden creation, the hours of hard work that have gone into each piece, the Artistry to make each a cohesive whole.

It is because we have a History using natural ingredients from Ayurveda, from Unani, from TCM, Herbalism, Aromatherapy.. an intuitiveness that allows to use them together, a spirituality that guides us

When asked to explain Holistic Serums, I say-the  feel of Luxurious Skin,
the Joy, the feeling of Victory in the Defiance of Time,



Personal History

We started our Online Store  in 2007, years after making products for Family & Friends,  two SAHM’s in Texas – we had Passion, and Perfecting Products, but neither Industry knowledge nor Small Business knowledge – an ongoing process. The old blog is reflective of that. Our website looked different, with rudimentary marketing skills.
Through the years we battled Relocation, divorce, personal/ health issues including Osteo-arthritis.
And we still Made. And we still Make.
 Making (& Using) gave us Peace, an anchor, while everything changed around us, a Gift unique to us, that no one else can ever have.
A reason to Lift up our Heads, because God has given us Favor, and His beauty on our Faces.

So then, we too, lift up others  – give a hand to Move Ahead when life throws in its natural stops.

More Mosaics.
A Mosaic of a Map. These ancients were workaholics. Or slave-driver
A closeup of a commercial map route


Thank you for being here!


Paris. Going deeper and learning something

The recent attacks on Paris were heartbreaking. The helplessness, the discouragement,
Like a storm, raising up what was hidden underwater, a whole gamut of emotions that were hidden were raised up..

Something deep inside was touched.
Unrest. Turmoil. A Sea boiling inside.

What Do you do when Things are out of your control?
What do you do when you are so far away that you cannot do any good, any repair, any healing?

Bear the Pain.
Bear the Discouragement.
Bear the helplessness.
And get up again.
Speak words of healing
to yourself, to those who hear you

If you don’t bear pain willingly, you wont have the strength to awaken yourself.
Pain has to be borne.
When you put a Cling wrap over your wounds, not letting it be touched, you cannot get strength from your experience.
It will stay as a bad memory, a torment, an untouchable thing.

So bear it- learn to let your heart bleed,
sob willingly for the people who died in the attack-
and more than that,
for the fools who have such a bad life here, they prefer death and the chance of a better future after death.
I know they were the attackers, but they are also victims.
And they have no helper.
Their god is no good while they live and train to die.
So deep- can you see the abyss?

Liberté, égalité, fraternité  – what the French Flag stands for.

Appreciate the liberty we have, to do anything, say anything, without harming anyone.
Cherish the mind that is strong enough to resist brainwashing.

Treasure the time you have, to make and maintain real friends.

Treat everyone as equals.
Instead of looking down, patronizing, hasty to say something.
People have equal right to humanity, to live as happily as they can.
If its not the same things that make you happy, learn to tolerate.

Learn something.
Such a horrible thing has happened. Learn to open your mind, your heart.
Make a difference to yourself.

Who Benefits Most

Holistic Serums are no-stress, no-fuss, high-intensity Skin & Hair Care, made  with 70-100% natural ingredients.. Game Changers for Nourishment…

If you are Short of time, looking for a Literally natural product, with Multiple Benefits, this may be for you

They are well suited for
1. Crunchy Moms. As a Mom, focused on using natural clothes, natural cleaners, natural foods- you understand the underlying value of nourishing natural ingredients. As a Mom busy building the family, we help build yourself up.

Use Holistic Serums for a Smile on your face, a fraction of Time, some Peace of mind, a little Joy. The dent in your account will be barely noticeable.

2. A working Woman or Man, busy physically & stressed mentally, unable to chalk out regular time for Salon/ Spa and beauty procedures.

Holistic Serums for ease-of-use, at-home convenience, and stress relief.

3. For Men who want to look better, reflect their fine personality with fine skin and healthy hair. to be a Joy to be seen with.
We have a Special Men’s Kit– a 1-month treatment package that will make you look like you were taken care of the Whole Year!

4. For the Once-Beautiful.
We got you, babe.
Select from entire suite of Skin, Hair, and Body products to for any need.


We Make non-fussy Skin & Hair Care, for those with little time and energy for themselves.

Holistic Serums lets you be Kind to yourself, when the Years haven’t..
From a different perspective
Holistic Serums are for
Someone Aware of his or her needs and Desiring to have that need Met.

  1. They are for You when you Aspire for an Up-Scale Lifestyle, to Look like a Success.
    Sometimes, when we are at the point of moving up, in careers, relationships, etc. , moving up in terms of beauty care benefits social interactions, and sets you apart.

  2. They are for You if you have already Reached & wish to Maintain the Look.
    If you have an upscale lifestyle, use or plan to use Serums, and understand superior benefits, Try Holistic Serums and be pleasantly surprised with the difference.

Holistic Serums are available:  US Webstore and Products in India


If you have queries, drop us a line, and we’ll get back to you.

Why You Should Use Holistic Serums 

Everything Else

Beginning Well: A Brief History of Holistic Serums

Esther JoExcited to be Starting over!
First, this Blog. (See our 8 yr old blog)
And many other new things coming up, new products, Kits, etc…

A Brief History….

Holistic Serums was started by Esther Jo & Ruth Rose, 2 SAHMs, in 2007 in TX, USA.

A few years prior to that, to offset an expensive hobby of Natural Perfumery, we turned into suppliers of the Fragrant compounds we were working with- soon bringing in Absolutes, Attars, Essential Oils & Rare Extracts from India & Singapore to USA. Many would know Esther Jo for bringing in Spikenard from India before it was almost unavailable in stores (the infamous? Mary Magdalene experiment) and Ambergris from Singapore.

This close contact with over two hundred Rare, natural extracts put us through the (very!) slow-learning process of  distinguishing and using genuine, perfumery compounds and authentic therapeutic essential oils. In both these areas, only the highest quality extracts were worthwhile to work with.


Although trained from childhood to be inclined to Ayurved & Herbal Remedies, it took several years to jump-start the Passion for creating our products.


Ruth Cruising

In my late 30s & early 40s, Skin & Hair went through drastic change due to years of neglect. To renew a youthful look, we looked for products to optimize Beauty in the US market, and internationally, in Ayurved & in Aromatherapy.

Having kids under 10 & 4 with eczema, colds, allergies, etc. meant little time for a regular care routine and further required that products be as natural as possible.

We were searching for the Moon- Beauty Products that could cover years of neglect by Nourishing Quickly, allow for Infrequent Use and above all, be Natural. 

After shelving dozens of partly used jars & bottles of large natural skincare brands, and smaller ones, we decided to tweak the oils we had and make products for ourselves.

And we did.

Between us we boasted of professional diplomas in Quality Control, Analytical Chemistry, WebDesign and inclined to natural remedies from Ayurved owing to our birthplace, India, TCM living in Singapore, and well experienced in Aromatherapy over the years. See detailed Journey

We were consistent, diligent, cautious as we worked with known ingredients in unused combinations, adding and changing ever so often, a new ingredient.

Our Original formulations combine Aromatherapy + Ayurved + TCM ingredients synergistically. We offer Haircare & Skin care Serums made with Holistic natural butters and oils, essential oils, clays, waxes, herbal powders in TX, USA.

When we started, we lacked basic know-how of Small Biz,  receiving helpful direction through Indie Business Network in the last few years.

Our online store is 8 years old- we have shipped to 40+ countries from USA and many products are now available in India.
Client Pics & Blogger Reviews | Client Testimonials

Our 2-Woman co-located business has created some of the most nourishing natural products ever made. To us, Ingredients are, literally, everything.  250+ Natural Ingredients

My Philosophy on creation.

My Favorite Essential Oils

email care121@gmail .com for product queries for your Hair & Skin needs.

Vision for the Business?

The world is an oyster, and we’re but grit. How much time an Oyster takes is unknown but it makes its pearl.