1 What are HolisticSerums in a sentence?

In a sentence HolisticSerums are “Gifts of God to Love and Nourish Yourself while Living in a damaging environment”

  1. ‘Gifts of God’ made from the holistic essences of plants which are God’s creations. Not synthetic, natural-derived or nature-identical. Completely holistic.
  2. Nourishing to skin and hair giving a feeling of loving yourself.
  3. Living in a damaging environment which puts stress on skin and hair – pollution, unhealthy foods, stress related, allergies, etc, causes malnourishment for which extra care is needed. This care is what Holistic Serums are focused on giving.

Love. Nourish. Live.

Chamomile, Skin2Love Cream

2 What is the basis of creating Holistic Serums?

Holistic Serums were created to satisfy deep desire to have Healthy Nourished Skin & Hair once mal-nourishment starts a declining trend.

3 Why is extra nourishment to Skin & Hair necessary?

As malnourishment progresses, Skin loses Lustre, Elasticity; Hair loses Bounce, Volume. For Hair & Skin to gain a nourished, healthy look, extra nourishment is necessary.
It boosts personal confidence, giving an extra edge to lifestyles and social interaction.

4 Who benefits most by the products?

Firstly, Holistic Serums benefit working women and men who undergo environmental stresses which is reflected on Skin & Hair at an early age.
They need quick fixes for Social events, to relax and unwind without the extra worry of how skin looks.

Holistic Serums is for anyone who wants to Clean up good. Sensational results come with regular use and nourishment.


Ylang ylang, hair Styling Cream

HolisticSerums were made for Moms by Moms.
We acknowledge and respect those who spend their time and energies on others for years, spending little effort on themselves. Many come from demotivating cultures which does not allow for them to be Sensitive and Sensual.
Holistic Serums are geared to be quick temporary fixes through Facial Kits with potential for better nourishment, used regularly. If you are a son or daughter, they are a Gift to your Mother.

French Lavender, Skin2Love Cream

5 What are the main benefits of Holistic Serums? 

All of them show these properties

1. Beneficial & Nourishing.

2. Contain high percentage of Natural Holistic ingredients. (70 – 100%)  not natural derived. 

3. Nourishing Benefits are seen quickly, in 1- 5 uses, depending on individuals, 

4. Most are made with essential oils and herbs known
through centuries to benefit Sensitive skin with no fragrance: Skin2Love Orchid Renewal Cream, Tend20150915_182847er Loving Care, 23kGold Cream

5. Water free products. Many are Preservative-free, with hypoallergenic oils. For gluten allergies, please write to use so we can specify products for use. 

6. Exclusive luxury products made in limited quantity. Freshly made in small batches. Optimum usage is 3-6 months.

6 Why are your product sizes so small?

Our MO are the Minis.
Excluding Hair Serum which is sold as a 50ml size, 6month usage. (the best natural product for hairloss

As a product junkie, my shelves have been filled with partly-used products of dozens of brands.

Using nature oriented products is an expensive lifestyle and it’s difficult to throw out even partly used products from Lush, Bodyshop, l’Occcitane, Clinique, Vichy etc. While these brands are better than majority products, they still may not satisfy certain skin and hair demands.

Every time I buy expensive products, I look for the smallest sizes to evaluate,.

1. The Minis are offered to be used Fully, and to be useful. 

2. The Minis gave the chance to experience how youthful your Skin & Hair can become without blowing a hole in the bank.

7 What larger sizes are available?

When you need larger sizes other than listed, write to us at care121@gmail.com and we’ll make them available.

8 Explain about the Kits.
20150819_1357281 Individual needs of Skin and Hair are addressed by a combination of products and not just one. The kits make it easy to provide the benefits that are needed, but not known till after use. 

For example, in the Pigmentation Kit, Detoxifying Mask and Black Soap balances the treatment of Rosy Cheeks Cream, that produces the even-toned benefit20150915_183122, all acting together for nourishment to Skin .

9 What are some of the reasons to use  Holistic Serums? 

1 In today’s fast paced & career oriented  lifestyle, one thing to frequently comes up is this: ” beauty treatments a person needs is known to everyone looking at, but unknown to that person.” Many of us only react when someone close points flaws. And by then, much damage is done.

Except for coloring hair, a face wash or cold creams, beauty care is neglected. Many men and women don’t understand that, without special care, Skin & Hair deteriorate in a spiraling trend in Time. 

2 Awareness, personal power & influence.
Spending time on yourself means you value yourself higher than your (or others’) work, family, jewellery, etc. a mature mindset. It is said that a woman knows to dress herself only after 35.
 Personal power is manifested in clear thought and action. 

3 Some shy away from emphasizing beauty, because their friends or group mates, would have to catch up and dislike the competition it implies, a personal weakness which others of the group may not have.

Green Myrtle, Skin2Love Cream

10 So where do you think Moms fit in the personal Power scenario?


Moms take clear thought and action where it relates to their families in order to sustain them. They are geared  Physically, Emotionally & Psychologically with power. What they do may look like labor but it is the real conqueror attitude that is fueled by Love, sustains the family and moves their world.
Otherwise everybody would do it.
Today, many people like to be seen as world conquerors but not having Love to motivate them to do good, they do damage instead, and lose their power.  

We give respect to whom it is due, to those who are powerful enough to act on Love.

Published by

Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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