Holiday Chocolate, Honey & Coconut Milk Soap. India lineup

Whats common in  Winter?
Dry, Stretched out skin, and Soap that dries it out further by stripping the natural oils off the skin.
This dryness emphasizes wrinkles, as an addition to feeling dry & itchy, skin also looks older, un-cared for.
Instead of a firm, smooth skin, we have a dry, pruny look- never a good thing.

Hydration is Key to keep dry skin and scaly scalp at bay, and the itchiness associated with dryness.
The use of a more moisturizing soap is a big help in the daily routine, in winter, a necessity, not a luxury.
The luxurious, moisturizing Soaps, or super-fatted soaps- are soaps which have extra oils and butters in them, very much over and above, which help to give a smoother feel to skin.
The quality and type of oils and ingredients used make a major difference to the feel of Soap.

Super-fatted Soap, because of the ingredients are softer, gentler and more luxurious to touch.

The Holiday Winter Care Soap

gives a luxurious, super-smooth feel to skin, helping keep those dry skin wrinkling at bay.
Fragranced with Chocolate & anti-oxidant rich Cocoa Powder, the luscious touch of Coconut Milk,  Honey to retain moisture, Saffron, Shea Butter (of course!), White Kaolin for a luxurious feel.
A little bit of pomegranate peel to slough off dead skin, fresh skin that is seen because of the mild scrub.
A smoothing, softening, luxurious Soap, layered with Chocolate, Saffron  & mild Lemony fragrances.

Excellent as a Shaving Soap, giving a smooth feel to skin after use. (Tip: after shaving, use Rosy Cheeks cream to gently nourish.)

The Chocolate-Orange Holiday Soap

has all of the above ingredients, for a moisturizing, gentle scrubbing action-
In addition, instead of pomegranate peel, Orange peel gives the mild scrubbing action, and an Orange fragrance.
This Chocolate-Orange layered fragrance is Quite delicious.

You could almost skip the Moisturizer with these Soaps. Gives a smooth, supple feeling to skin.

These Soaps are soft and gentle, and leave a layer of butter/oil on skin, that protects from dry skin for several hours.

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Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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