Skin Brightening & Smoothing Soap. Anti-Tan Scrubs. BestSeller

20150414_150411These Smoothing, Gently Scrubbing Soaps are our best-sellers.
Excellent for reducing Summer tans, because of skin-brightening and cleansing granules, an absolute necessity in this Tropical climate and pollution which saps brightness of skin.
Our most economic product, it fits & enhances every lifestyle. Indian Bestsellers.
Winter Care Soap

1. Facial Treat Soap (prev UltraGlow)
Because of Skin dryness, and by using abrasive soaps, folds and wrinkles become apparent, making skin look older.
Facial Treat soap smooths and soothes skin, so that these wrinkles look less obvious, skin appears clearer, more light-reflective- all aiding in a  youthful look, when used regularly.
An excellent daily Beautifying routine, Smoothing,  Brightening wash.
For those who don’t use a lot of products, an easy single product.
For maintenance of skin
Enhances any regular Skin routine. Beneficial for Sensitive Skin used regularly.

Facial Treat Soaps

Yashtimadhu, Lemon peel, papaya peel and other skin brightening natural ingredients. This is a Summer soap, with pronounced anti-tan effects for the tropical climate. Vegan.
Prices on India Product list (leftbar)
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2. Black Soap, a regular face wash, especially made for blemish prone, acne, mature skin. Both soaps smooth and give anti-wrinkle effect by intensely smoothing. Beneficial for Sensitive Skin used regularly.


Part of the Pigmentation & acne kits, daily use keeps skin soft and beautifully brighter. Good for those who like a regular use treatment, not as intensely brightening as Facial Treat.
Contains Black walnut hulls,  Activated Charcoal, Dead Sea Mud, Black Honey.
Vegan Black Soap without Honey is also available.

3. Jasmine Mani Pedi Soap (White Soap in pic)

for an instant manicured pedicure look. Scrubs, cleanses, brightens, lightens hands and feet with lot of dead skin and grime buildup. Abrasive and intense brighter skin.
DEAD Sea and Himalayan pink salts make this an intense Salt scrub. If you have cuts or bruises, salt will sting (salt may heal, but stings!).
Contains skin softening and brightening ingredients- White Kaolin, Mango Butter, Coconut Oil, Coconut Milk. Vegan.
Not for Sensitive Facial Skin. 

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Esther Jo

Maker Entrepreneur Visionary Intuitive Empath. Maker-of-Beauty. Makes Synergies for Skin Care, Hair Care, Pain Management which we call Holistic Serums using natural ingredients from alternative Therapies - Ayurved,, Aromatherapy, TCM Herbals

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