Choosing the Right Kit to Enhance your Skin & Hair

Choosing the Right Kit is the first step to get the most nourishing Skin care for your needs. Product Links

If you are looking for

1. Nourishing benefits, enhanced appearance to Skin, with low Maintenance and better short term results, see our super-value Party Ready Facial Kit
Boasting of upto 12-15 uses, and priced to please at 180INR per use or $3/use.
Contains healthy skin nourishing cream Skin2Love Cream with Orchid & Myrtle Extracts to maintain effects.
Buy in USA

Party Ready Facial Kit
Party Ready Facial Kit

2. For greater skin nourishing, Golden glow and superbly smooth skin  see 23K Gold Transform Kit with real 23K Gold Cream, Gold being one of the best rejuvenating ancient ingredients.(Sold out. Available for Pre-order.)
For Brides, and ultra special effects to Skin. Excellent for Mature skin for a smooth, youthful and firming appearance.

Transforming Skin into Super, reflective surface with real 23k Gold
Transforming Skin into Super, reflective surface with real 23k Gold

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3. Facial Kits with a combo of Pure Rose & Orchid Facial Serum (Jewel Finish, Mens Luxe Kit, Pigmenta

tion Luxe). This combination gives a rosy, delicate, innocent bloom and Soft, Supple skin, almost better than youthful skin. Wonderful for all Skin Types.
For blemish-prone skin, uneven skin tone, and enhanced freshness and purity.

Pure Rose Creme, Vegan. Limited Edition.

4. Pigmentation and blemished Skin: Pigmentation Kit, Acne Kit

Pigmentation Kit: Rosy Cheeks Cream, Facial Detox Clay & Black Soap with activated charcoal

5. Strength & Beauty Hair Kit for  enhancing hair health, styling naturally, dry scalp & Hair, Frizzy Hair, Unhealthy hair, Slow growth of hair.


6. Body Products : Tummy Trio  – To make the Skin appear healthier and nourished around the stomach area, excellent post- weightloss and during. Gives the appearance of a Firmer, Smoother Tummy and relieves Stretched out skin. With two of our Bestselling serums- Tummy Tucker Xtra & Stretchmarks Serum. Buy in USA

Tummy Trio: In Too Deep for damaged, stretched out skin around the tummy, Tummy Tucker Xtra Serum for a smooth surface to skin, and White Soap with Dead Sea Salts to make Body skin fresh and smooth.

7. Trimming Mask Body Wrap Kit.
A combination of intense clays and pure essential oils For instant smoothing, toned appearance.

100% Natural ingredients Buy in USA

Body Wrap with natural clays and herbs. Instantly smoothes body skin.

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