How are Holistic Serums Better for Your Skin & Hair than other Serums & Clinical Treatments : The Inside Story

100% Natural ingredients in the form of extracts and oils go into Holistic Serums

PART 1 : Better than the Best Serums on the market.

  1. Handmade Holistic Serums have the simplest, most wonderful advantage over Serums On the market : They are Better Inside.
  2. How? They are made entirely (100%) with natural ingredients , flower extracts, essential oils, gum extracts, leaf, root and almost completely plant based.
  3. No ingredients to possibly irritate Sensitive Skin like mineral  oil, color, fragrance.
  4. not petroleum based, no alcohol, etc.

The disadvantages of Serums are explained below.

Serum composition : A derivative of petroleum  (mineral oil, etc) gives the ‘creamy’ texture and some other chemicals give the smooth flow, color, fragrance to Serums On the market.

1. The  main concern with petroleum derivatives is that Petroleum base has a barrier like property  and are not absorbed by top layers of skin (or scalp ) but sit on top, like a coat of Makeup, hiding away and filling blemishes on Skin  instantly

2.Effects wiped off after stopping use: Just as Makeup can be wiped off: when you stop using Serums, the effects completely disappear in a few days or weeks. When serum does not provide any nourishment, most times, you may notice skin and hair is worse off than when you start.

Holistic Serums consist of natural oils which have a good chance to be absorbed in skin, (depending again on skin purity), and nourish skin to become healthy, pure and naturally youthful.  When used for a few weeks, per instructions, Stopping product usage does not deteriorate the quality of skin till several weeks and months ; even with 2-3 cycles of cell turnover, it does not revert to pre-treatment stage because your own skin and hair have been nourished to heal itself and respond better to other products, salon treatments, etc.

PART 2 : How they are Better for you than Clinical Treatments.

It is general awareness that Clinical Treatments for best results need to be

  1. repeated several times
  2. are mainly invasive in  nature
  3. specific Time must be allotted and
  4. come with higher costs,
  5. require follow up medication and
  6. a large amount of care to not aggravate the treatment.

Compared to Clinical Treatments, Holistic Serums have

  1. comparable and better benefits to Skin & Hair when used over time and with awareness of changing environment, skin and in the right frequency.
  2. are Economical
  3. non- invasive,
  4. Naturally nourishing
  5. Convenient to be used at Home.

Holistic Serums are best suited for those who have already undergone Clinical treatments or those aware of the repetitive decaying nature of skin and hair which requires maintenance as they  go through changes.

Holistic Serums are for those who feel stressed about the condition of their Skin & Hair and desire to improve it.

Holistic Serums are made to help you Look Better, Feel Better & Live Better.

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